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Digital Marketing Strategist

We are looking for a talented and versatile digital marketing pro. Is that you?

Calling All Digital Marketing Unicorns

We are looking for a talented and versatile digital marketing pro. Someone that has a holistic view of digital marketing. Someone that strips out the annoying marketing jargon when talking about strategies and tactics. Someone who is highly self-motivated, able to come in and share new ideas, push boundaries and elevate results. Someone that isn't necessarily a unicorn, but thinks like one. 

Our Digital Marketing Strategists are responsible for taking the lead on marketing initiatives within an account team, for multiple clients, across multiple industries.  Each day is a different adventure and you'll get to stretch your marketing skills to the max. You won't be bored. 



When you become a Digital Marketing Strategist at Diagram, you'll get assigned to a team with an Account Strategist at the helm. Each team is responsible for working with a small group of clients, understanding their business goals, and building out a strategic roadmap to help push them forward. Each account team operates autonomously, meaning that the strategies your team propose will drive the work you do—what you can accomplish is limited only by your collective ideas and abilities. 



  • Perform keyword research to support a new product page launch 
  • Draft email copy and subject lines for an ecommerce campaign 
  • Collaborate with designers on a new landing page, leading the charge on CRO. 
  • Ideate with the marketing team on ways to include more A/B testing within our work 
  • Talk to developers about technical SEO fixes on a client's site 
  • Get in the weeds with Google Analytics to come up with ideas to reduce a client's site bounce rate. 
  • Create a workflow in HubSpot to automate an email campaign 
  • Write a blog for the Diagram website 



  • Proven experience in e-commerce focused marketing and email marketing. Show us the revenue growth!
  • Proven experience in creating email campaigns with jaw dropping click-to-open-rates.   
  • Really good writing skills, whether it's a meta description or a 2,000 word pillar page.  
  • A strong understanding of SEO and the work that goes into making Google (and users) love websites. From keyword research to on page optimization, you can deliver results. 
  • Respect for Google Analytics and the treasure trove of information it can provide.  You should have strong experience with web analytics and communicating the story around overall performance. 
  • Experience with SEM. Sometimes paid is the quickest way to results, right? "Why, how, and what works" experience is what we are looking for in our candidate.  
  • A love of "smarketing". If you know a little about account based marketing, that's great too. You'll be working on our own initiatives in addition to client work.  
  • A strategic and creative thinker – always focusing on innovative, but measurable client solutions.  
  • Strong work ethic defined by quality-first work and attitude.  
  • The desire to stay on top of industry trends and share that knowledge.  

Naturally, you'll be stronger at some of these than others, but be honest about what you know and don't know when you apply. We don't expect you to know it all to apply for this position—but it's what you'll be working toward! 

Working at Diagram

Diagram is a digital consultancy focused on design, development and marketing. We work with a small, exclusive set of client partners. It’s our goal to help them grow by developing strategic digital roadmaps and executing on them. We have a distributed team, with a home base in Naperville, IL (near Chicago).  We’ve been around since 1995. We're a fun, committed group of professionals dedicated to helping each team member produce the best work of their lives. We also offer great health benefits, a 401k plan with company matching, free food and drinks, and other sweet perks.

Cross-Functional Teams

No more hand-offs. Work collaboratively as part of one of our multidisciplinary teams. You’ll be contributing to ideation and decisions at all stages, actively shaping the design of everything you work on.

Open PTO Policy

We respect work-life balance and recognize that flexibility is key. Coordinate within your team, keep up with your work, take time off when you need it. We don't restrict or limit the amount of time off team members take. 'Nuff said.

Challenging Work

We thrive when challenged to design for complex scenarios. We innovate by embracing constraints, and in doing so are able to continuously ship work that delivers tangible value to our clients. We're not a one and done shop. We value long-term client partnerships and iterative improvement.

Interested in becoming a part of a world-class team at Diagram?

To apply for this position, please send something that you feel communicates your expertise and what you're all about. This could be a resumé, a portfolio site, or something entirely unexpected. You decide. Please fill out the form below.